Raeehdio - Episode #4 NouN.

Each month discover a new episode of our series #Raeehdio where we tell the stories of our people within the culture and create content that came from real life experiences.


Anne Le Mottais better known as « NouN » is a visual artist based in the suburb of Paris ! Her work is inspired by Hip Hop culture and she expresses herself through paintings, drawings and photography.

Last year she was part of @ecolekourtrajme and keep on developping projects in France and beyond. Currently she is in French Guyana on residency with the artist @t2ixi to exchange with the local scene !

NouN is a multi talented artist, where the question of identity has often been the anchor of her works, as well as the concept of the passage of time.

We simply love her art and her chill studio vibes. 🤍

We curate. We highlight. We empower.

Production : @eehstudio

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