Episode #7 - Black Lives Matter & Hip Hop Culture in US with Kash Gaines.

Kash Gaines is a dancer, host, filmmaker and co-founder of @yakfilms. He has been travelling the world for over 10 years filming street dance events and creative dance freestyles, studying new dance styles and hosting the "Yak Like You Know" show (YLYK).

YAK Films is a media crew founded in East Oakland, California in 2008. The original crew met at the Youth UpRising Community Center, where they began working with a local street dance crew called the Turf Feinz. It started when one of their videos commemorating the loss of a dancer's brother went viral online.


Then filming bboying/bgirling events to promote underground battle culture.

They then went looking for other street dance styles and events where dancers would battle each other for money, respect and glory.

Most recently YAK became known for featuring emerging styles of music and dance from the USA and abroad.

YAK is dedicated to bringing together quality local visuals, up and coming music artists and the best street dance talent to serve a growing global audience.

Kash has been to 29 countries to date to film dance, speak at universities, and judge dance video contests, he even did a @tedx_official lecture on the importance of filming dance outdoors. 

Photo credits : @jameljuste

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