#3 Enjoy nature and nurture your soul with outdoor activities for Selfcare Sunday.

While pampering yourself indoors is always an option, why not venture outside and let outdoors activities work its magic on your well-being ? Enjoy the outdoors and make the most of your Selfcare Sunday with these activities. Whether you prefer solitude or socializing, there's something for everyone to find peace of mind and serenity.

Book a room in a spa hotel

Escape the routine and the Sunday blues by booking a room in a spa hotel for the day through platforms like Staycation. Alone or accompanied, you can take advantage of this day to recover from the previous week and prepare for the next while taking the pampering part to a next level. 

Participate in creative workshops

Whether you lack the necessary equipment or simply desire to socialize and connect with like-minded individuals, engage in creative workshops that provide an outlet for expressing your artistic talents. From pottery and painting to dance and more, the options are plentiful, catering to a wide range of interests.

Have a picnic 

Enjoy a peaceful afternoon by packing a picnic basket filled with your favorite treats and finding a serene spot in a park. Bask in the sunlight, savor delicious food, and read a good book. Immerse yourself in captivating stories or opt for self-help and inspirational books that inspire personal growth and reflection.

Practice a unusual sport 

Break away from the routine by immersing yourself in exhilarating sports classes. Embrace the opportunity to explore unconventional options like puppy yoga or aquacycling, injecting a delightful twist into your fitness routine. These unique classes offer a refreshing and engaging way to stay active, while simultaneously infusing a sense of novelty and excitement into your exercise routine.


Selfcare Sundays spent outdoors provide a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate, reconnect, and find solace amidst others or nature. Whether you choose to treat yourself to a spa day, engage in a creative activity, or indulge in a picnic with a good book, the benefits of outdoor activities for your well-being are immeasurable. Embrace the healing power of nature and let it nurture your mind, body, and soul on your self-care journey.

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